Broadband Amplifier Systems: 7000 Series

Source: OPHIR RF

Broadband Amplifier Systems: 7000 Series

Ophir RF’s 7000 series consists of ten different broadband amplifier systems covering a wide frequency range. Each model features variations in output power, harmonics, spurious signal parameters, and more. These amplifiers are ideal for both military and commercial applications.

In the commercial marketplace, Ophir RF’s Broadband Amplifier Systems are ideal for EMC applications. They’re typically used by systems integrators, automotive manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, in universities, and in national laboratories. These amplifiers are also ideal for cellular, paging, PCS, and Wireless Local Loop, and other communications based applications for use by fixed and mobile wireless infrastructure manufacturers and satellite service providers.

These broadband amplifier systems can also be used for defense applications, such as electronic warfare (EW), ECM (Electronic Counter Measures), radar and telemetry, as well as defense communications.