Application Note

De-Embedding And Network Extraction

Source: Anritsu Company

Embedding and De-embedding (EDE) is the insertion or removal of networks or circuits around a DUT that may represent fixtures, launching structures, tuning elements, or other items. To perform EDE, the parameters of the network must be known and provided in the form of an sNp file. While there are many methods of deriving these parameters (including simulation), measurement in some way is often preferred. Because of the complex and incompatible media that may be involved, techniques using multiple calibrations (in different connectors or different media) or techniques using a pair of adapters/fixtures back-to-back are sometimes employed. This application note will focus on the process of removing the effects of a 2-port test fixture during the VNA measurement process when a full set of calibration standards are not available. The techniques describe will use the capabilities provided in the VectorStar Universal Fixture Extraction (UFX) Software Option 21.