EMI Test Receiver R&S ESR

EMI Test Receiver: R&S®ESR Image

The R&S®ESR EMI test receiver functions both as a powerful signal and spectrum analyzer for lab applications, and as a tool to measure conducted and radiated disturbances in the 10 Hz to 26 GHz frequency range in compliance with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard. Electromagnetic disturbances are measured at a very high speed with the help of an FFT-based time domain scan.

The R&S®ESR EMI test receiver also features realtime spectrum analysis capabilities with a wide range of diagnostic tools, enabling the ability to provide detailed analysis of disturbance signals and their history. Additional features include:

  • Preselection with integrated 20 dB preamplifier
  • Resolution bandwidths in line with CISPR and in decade steps from 10 Hz to 1 MHz
    (MIL STD-461, DO-160)
  • Ultra-fast time domain scan in addition to conventional stepped frequency scan
  • Realtime spectrum analysis with up to 40 MHz span for detailed investigation of disturbance signals
  • Time domain display with high resolution (50 μs)
  • Automatic test routines

Additional information can be found on the available datasheet and brochure.

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