High Power Amplifier Module: BBM5K8CKT (SKU 1191)

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.

High Power Amplifier Module: BBM5K8CKT (SKU 1191)

This high power amplifier module covers the 2500 to 6000 MHz and is ideal for broadband jamming and high power linear applications in the S/C bands. It features built-in control and monitoring with protection functions, high power GaN on SiC transistors, and much more.

The BBM5K8CKT (SKU 1191) is a high power amplifier module guarenteed to deliver 100W of output power and all related RF performance characterisitcs under all specified temperature and environmental conditions. Guarenteed RF performance over full bandwidth, temperature, and environmental conditions is not typical of products currently available on the market. This removes the guess work typically associated with other power amplifier modules available today.

This amplifier has multiple protection features, including:

  • Current monitoring for the PA, driver stages, and output devices
  • Temperature monitoring that provides internal readings and lowers output power if neccesary
  • Voltage monitoring on the DC supply
  • Reverse polarity and ESD protection on the I/O lines