News | February 26, 2014

IBETOR Launches Sat-On-The-Move Terminal At Satellite 2014

IBETOR, everis Aerospace and Defence’s specialist provider of satellite and wireless communications products and technology, recently announced that it will be showcasing its latest Sat-On-The-Move terminal, Ib-SOTM 100x, at Satellite 2014.

Ib-SOTM 100x, is specifically designed to enable efficient, high performance, on the move communications on even the most challenging terrain. A low profile ensures the terminal is both aerodynamic and discrete, increasing safety of communication vehicles and personnel. 

The terminal incorporates an antenna control unit (ACU) developed by IBETOR with highly accurate INS technology to maintain satellite alignment compatible with X and other future band requirements. It is compatible with modems from major suppliers and able to interoperate with all networks and authorized teleports. 

Ib-SOTM 100x is extremely accurate, with less than 0.3º pointing error and instantaneous reacquisition. As military vehicles can often be taken out of action at a moment’s notice, the terminal is also very easy to install or change to a different vehicle. 

“We understand the unique set of challenges faced by many of our military customers,” commented Luis Villa, IBETOR president. “We believe this latest terminal will be extremely valuable for ensuring high performance, reliable communications in that environment.” 

IBETOR will also be demonstrating its Ib-Pack, a transportable, X-bandmanpack, fully integrated in a single case. It allows quick set-up and provides a user-friendly interface to establish a high-speed satellite connection in less than 2’ with minimum training requirements. Ib-Pack Lite provides similar features while maintaining weight below 10Kg, thus allowing it to be easily carried by a single person. On its booth, there will be a demonstration of Ib-NS, a sensor fusion platform that enables accurate positioning and navigation, even when wireless signals are blocked. 

IBETOR will be exhibiting on booth #2075 at Satellite 2014 from 11th – 13th March. 

About IBETOR by everis group
IBETOR is a Spanish company, equity participated by everis Aerospace &Defense, focused on Satellite and Wireless Communications.IBETOR provides high performance satcom terminals (VSAT), compliant with strict military requirements, highly accurate navigation and positioning technology, and point-to-multipoint RF technology, based on an open architecture. 

everis Aerospace & Defense is part of the everis an NTT DATA Company group and has a worldwide commercial network to provide global solutions for critic systems based on engineering developments and selfmade and created by others products in the Aeronautic, Space, Defense, Security and Emergencies sectors. 

everisan NTT DATA is a multinational consulting firm providing strategy, business, technological and outsourcing solutions which generated a 591 million euros revenue during its last fiscal year and has 10,600 professionals in Europe, Latin America and North America.

Source: IBETOR