News | December 10, 2019

Introducing The New Sub-Harmonic Mixer Product Category

Custom MMIC is excited to announce a new product category, adding to its growing list of high performance MMICs, with the introduction of three new GaAs Sub-harmonic mixers. The CMD303, CMD310/C3 MMICs cover frequency ranges of 13-21 GHz and 20-32 GHz respectively, with excellent conversion loss and isolation. Sub-harmonic mixers are driven by a local oscillator (LO) signal that is an integer fraction, or sub-harmonic, of the desired LO frequency. This eases the design, layout and cost of the LO source for microwave frequency designs. These new mixers operate with a x2 LO, meaning the user needs to provide the mixer with an LO at half the desired mixing frequency. To learn more about the importance of sub-harmonic mixers for high-frequency applications read the recently published article “Helping to Eliminate the Mix-up over Mixers”.

Part Number Description Frequency Range(GHz) Conversion Loss(dB) Pkg. Type
CMD303 Sub-harmonic Mixer 13 – 21 8.5 Die
CMD310 Sub-harmonic Mixer 20 - 32 9.5 Die
CMD310C3 Sub-harmonic Mixer 20 - 32 9.5 Ceramic 3x3 mm QFN

Source: Custom MMIC