Datasheet | March 17, 2016

L-Band Extended Range RF Photonic Link System Datasheet

Source: Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

Microwave Photonic Systems offers a series of L-Band, fiber optic, photonic links designed to provide extended range satellite communications signals. The 50150A1MTX (transmitter) and 50125A1MRX (receiver) modules feature digitally controlled RF gain blocks for dynamic configuration of the RF channel Carrier to Noise (C/N) and Carrier to Intermodulation (C/IMD) performance to best optimize the RF channel for Uplink (UL) or Downlink (DL) transmission. Both this receiver and transmitter are designed as plug-in modules for use within the MPS 4RU series chassis, offering a high capacity, hot-swappable form factor. For additional features, specifications, and capabilities, download the product datasheet.