Low-Cost Connector Solution Dedicated To RF-Energy Applications: RFEX

Low-Cost Connector Solution Dedicated To RF-Energy Applications: RFEX

HUBER+SUHNER offers the RFEX as the industry’s first RF-Energy connector presenting users with a record low-cost solution for high volume RF-energy applications. The RFEX includes an innovative design that drastically simplifies assembly processes and can handle the mandatory high-power levels in peak demand applications while avoiding unnecessary heat generation.

The long-life RFEX solution features an antenna that is mounted to the topside of the amplifier housing, making it perfect for connecting rectangular waveguides, dielectric filled waveguides, and cooking cavities. It is directly integrated into the amplifier housing with a reduced connector-footprint on the PCB, significantly reducing size and the number of parts required. The connector utilizes a coaxial structure in the housing body that eliminates gaps caused by separate mounted connectors, or feedthroughs, and minimizes RF leakage dramatically.

For additional features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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