News | January 6, 2014

Major Satellite Operator Selects ETL's Modular System Solution


One of the World’s fastest growing Satellite Operators has chosen ETL Systems to provide the solution for handling incoming and outgoing signals for their 50 uplink (TX) and 50 downlink (RX) chains.

To compensate for cable loss and balancing of signal levels, ETL's modular systems’ amplifiers and L-band splitters & combiners all offer variable gain of 0-28dB. This allows signals to be amplified and distributed on both the transmit and receive paths. 

The gain levels on the amplifiers, splitters & combiners can be set locally or remotely, providing the satellite operator with acustomised solution to meet the RF requirements of this Satellite Headend. 

The RF modules are housed in a compact 4U Modular System chassis, which allows full status monitoring of the individual modules by web browser or SNMP. Rapid diagnosis of problems are immediately reported locally and remotely down to component level.

ETL’s Modular System was designed with resilience in mind as all its active components can be hot swapped whilst the unit is still in service. This gives huge peace of mind for satellite operators, where millions of customers could be linked to one downlink.

Susan Saadat, VP of Sales for ETL System in the USA said, “It is great to see such an important customer showing confidence in our Modular System design. We look forward to supporting this installation and training of their team.”

The customer has also requested racks with termination panels, as well taking advantage of ETL's Engineering Services such as installation of the system, cabling between the modules, factory acceptance testing at ETL's facility and training and commissioning on site.

Source: ETL Systems Ltd