Multi-Solver Passive Device Modeling Software: Blink

Source: Sonnet Software

Multi-Solver Passive Device Modeling Software: Blink

Blink is the industry’s first modeling software to offer two different EM (electromagnetic) solvers for the design of passive devices. It allows IC designers to model new passive devices within a normal Cadence Virtuoso based integrated circuit design flow. It quickly characterizes spiral inductors, baluns, transformers, MIM caps, interdigitated capacitors, and transmission lines for RFIC and mixed signal IC design.

Blink passive device modeling software allows its users to:

  • Choose between two different solvers, (Sonnet’s traditional shielded method-of-moments solver, and the new fast solver) allowing focus on speed or accuracy, and compare results
  • Analyze passive devices in the Cadence Virtuoso environment with a few button clicks using either solver
  • Employ PDK and foundry specific information in an automated full-wave EM analysis
  • Customize and automate the setup process of EM simulations of passive IC devices such as center-tapped spiral inductors
  • Visualize the current flowing of the device with either solver

For more information Blink software and how it can assist in passive component design, download the datasheet.

Design Flow: