Spotlight On RFICs And MMICs
Reliability Of GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC Technology On 100-mm 4H-SiC
White Paper | By Donald A. Gajewski, et al., Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

This paper reports the reliability performance of the Cree, Inc., GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC process technology, fabricated on 100-mm, high-purity, semi-insulating (HPSI) 4H-SiC substrates.

When Should A Design Use Custom MMICs
Article | NuWaves Engineering

There are many challenges associated with improving the size, weight, and power (SWaP) of electronic devices, including the limitation of the physical size and assembly processes and spectrum congestion forcing new systems to move to higher frequencies.

AlGaAs PIN Diode MMICs: Frequency And Power Capability
Article | By Timothy Boles, MACOM

Monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) based on high-power PIN diodes are increasingly used for many transmit/receive systems in advanced defense electronics and telecommunications applications.

Power Supply Management Of GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers For Pulsed Radar
White Paper | By David Bennett and Richard DiAngelo, Analog Devices, Inc.

Today’s management systems must be extremely flexible, reusable, and easily adaptable to various RF amplifier architectures. Their enclosed RF amplifier MMICs are expensive, and, as a result, the performance and temperatures of these systems must be monitored in real time.

How To Verify Beamformer ICs For Phased Array Antennas
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Phased array beamforming is becoming a default concept. Integrated RF beamforming ICs include phase and gain adjustment per path as well as amplification capabilities for the TX and RX channels. This article discusses the process of verification for these beamformer ICs for phased array antennas.

Considerations For Connector Design In Mobile And Patient-Worn Medical Devices
White Paper | By Patrick Kinyanjui, Fischer Connectors

This white paper discusses the rising need for mobile and patient-worn devices and offers recommendations on the proper approach to designing interconnected solutions for these applications.

Eutectic Die-Attach Method Of GaN And GaAs MMICs
White Paper | SemiGen

This white paper reviews the many challenges to overcome when developing a repeatable eutectic die-attach process, including avoiding contamination, ensuring the quality of the pickup collets, and balancing efficiency and accuracy during screening procedures.

High-Power And High-Efficiency Ka-Band Power Amplifier
Article | Northrop Grumman Microelectronic Products & Services

Ka band is used in many applications, including electronic warfare, where the most demanding cost and performance requirements are imposed on the transmitter MMICs, which must have good power-added efficiency (PAE), output power (Pout), die size (power density), and reliability.

Introduction To RF Matrix Switch Types And Functionality
Application Note | JFW Industries, Inc.

There are many types of RF matrix switches with configurations that distribute RF signals in very different fashions. This app note describes the functionality of these types of switches, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the best switch for each application.

Broadband Microwave Components And Test Equipment
Brochure | KRYTAR

KRYTAR is a leader in ultra-broadband passive microwave components with over 35 years of experience delivering high performance and quality that ensures success for military and commercial applications. We specialize in ultra-broadband components with frequencies ranging from DC to 67 GHz.

Hybrid Microelectronics Packages Catalog
Catalog | Mini-Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1972, Mini-Systems, Inc., Electronic Package Division has been providing the electronics industry with the very highest quality hybrid microelectronic packages available. The Electronic Package Division is best known for supplying the hybrid alternative to plastic microelectronic packages.

Featured Multimedia
Efficient Antenna Design Process For Wireless, Wearable, And Implantable Devices

C.J. Reddy from Altair talked to us about efficient antenna design processes for wireless, wearable, and implantable devices using Altair FEKO simulation software. Check out the video for the advantages in using simulation software with as low computational electromagnetics (CEM) as possible when modeling devices to work well while in contact with the human body.

Bulletin Board
Using Sonnet Project Components To Aid MMIC Design

This presentation introduces and discusses Sonnet project components for MMIC designs. Project components use co-calibrated ports and provide a method for design partitioning that cannot be found in any other commercial high-frequency EM software.

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