Radar Solutions

Source: Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC
Radar Solutions

Teledyne Microwave Solutions and its consolidated business units design and deliver advanced microwave technologies and services for the global radar market. Available radar solutions include a wide range of amplifiers, TWTs, Components, and integrated assemblies.


TMS amplifiers are designed and manufactured using all major semiconductor materials with LDMOS, GaN, GaAs, and InP technologies. These narrow, wideband, pulse, and receive and transmit amplifiers are designed to cover the broad 1 MHz to 220 GHz frequency range with power levels from mW to over 10 kW.


TMS offers a line of High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) that utilize Teledyne’s industry-leading Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs). This line of TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs) features multiple outdoor designs, self-contained thermal management systems, and ground and airborne configurations for commercial and military applications.


RF and microwave components created by TMS operate in the 100 kHz to 26 GHz frequency range. These attenuators, BAW devices, detectors, isolators, circulators, linearizers, mixers, and VCOs are ideal for use in airborne and satellite communications equipment, navigation and guidance systems, and high performance commercial test equipment.

Integrated Assemblies & Custom Solutions

High quality integrated microwave assemblies such as synthesizers, converters, and transceivers utilize customized solutions and mixed media construction techniques for meeting challenging performance and size constraints in today’s radar marketplaces.

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