RF Power Amplifiers - Alto Series

Source: ETL Systems Ltd.
RF Power Amplifiers - Alto Series

ETL Systems offers an alto series of RF power amplifiers covering the broad frequency range of 20 – 6000 MHz with 20, 35, 40, 60, or 100W of saturated power. The standard bandwidths are 20-520 MHz, 500-2700 MHz and 2-6 GHz. Each module is integrated into a compact, EMC shielded housing and offers high power and efficiency over its -40° to +80°C operational temperature range. These RF power amplifiers are designed for a variety of applications including broadband jamming, electronic warfare, EMC testing, mobile and other fixed terminals, and terrestrial point to point and point to multipoint.

The Power Amplifier modules could incorporate directional couplers and detectors for RF power sensing, analogue and digital RF power level control, filters, DC/DC converters, or multiple frequency band amplifiers in one module.

The rack-mount amplifiers can offer the combining of amplifier modules for higher power or wider frequency coverage, redundancy configurations of RF amplifiers and/or power supplies, digital control with front-panel touch-screen and remote connectivity, or any other custom needs.

The emergence of GaN HEMT devices about 15 years ago revolutionised RF and microwave power amplifiers (PAs) in many respects. GaN HEMT devices exhibit much higher power density and operating voltages than previous technologies such as GaAs HEMT or Silicon LDMOS, enabled by the far lower parasitic capacitances and much higher load-line dynamic resistance. These characteristics allow for the development of very broadband high power amplifiers with much higher efficiency and much smaller size.

ETL Systems also offers a bespoke, custom design service working closely with customers to meet any additional custom requirements, configurations and functionalities.

For more information on the different model specifications, download the available datasheets, or contact ETL Systems for other configurations.

Available Alto RF Power Amplifiers: