Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier: 1163-BBM2E3KLO

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.
Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier: 1163-BBM2E3KLO

This solid state broadband high power amplifier operates in the 20-520 MHz frequency range and delivers 125 Watts output power. It’s suitable to use as a broadband PA building block in applications involving electronic attack, digital communications, and test and measurement in the UHF/VHF bands.

The 1163-BBM2E3KLO Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier is small and lightweight and features 50 ohm input/output impedance. Additional features include:

  • Solid‐state Class AB linear design
  • Instantaneous ultra-broadband
  • Suitable for CW and modulated carrier (measurement data from digital waveforms available upon request).
  • High reliability and ruggedness
  • Built‐in control, monitoring and protection circuits
  • RS485 serial interface for monitoring and control

The amplifier module utilizes the latest high power RF LDMOS transistors and also features built in control and monitoring, with protection functions to insure high availability. The control system core has a built–in non‐volatile memory for event recording, and factory setup recovery features.

Download datasheet or click the Richardson RFPD part # 1163/BBM2E3KLO.