USB Power Sensor Family

Source: Anritsu Company

USB Power Sensor Family

Anritsu USB power sensors eliminate the need for a traditional power meter. These highly accurate, standalone instruments communicate with a PC via USB or with most of the Anritsu handheld instruments (often requiring Option 19). The sensors measure true RMS power, so they are ideal for measuring CW, modulated RF waveforms (e.g. 3G, 4G and OFDM signals) and multi-tone signals. They are ruggedized for field use with an industry-leading +33 dBm damage level. 

All of the USB sensors (except the PSN50) come standard with Anritsu’s application software, PowerXpert™ , which mimics the user interface of a power meter on almost any PC.

Model Frequency Range
MA24105A 0.350 to 4 GHz (In-line, peak)
PSN50 0.050 to 6 GHz (True-RMS)
MA24106A 0.050 to 6 GHz (True-RMS)
MS24108A 0.010 to 8 GHz (True-RMS)
MA24118A 0.010 to 18 GHz (True-RMS)
MA24126A 0.010 to 26 GHz (True-RMS)
MA24208A 0.010 to 8 GHz (True-RMS)
MA24218A 0.010 to 18 GHz (True-RMS)

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USB Power Sensor Measurement Uncertainty Calculator - A Microsoft Excel tool for calculating uncertainty associated with a power uncertainty.

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