WaveFarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software

Source: Remcom, Inc.

WaveFarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software

WaveFarer™ is a high-fidelity radar simulator for drive scenario modeling at frequencies up to and beyond 79 GHz. Near-field propagation and scattering methods compute raw radar returns from target objects while considering multi-path interactions from ground reflections and other structures.

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Antenna design, sensor placement, and target identification algorithms can be evaluated against NCAP test scenarios using WaveFarer. OEM and Tier 1 suppliers use the simulated raw radar returns to understand a radar’s ability to vperform elevation measurements, identify targets, and separate objects.

WaveFarer Features

WaveFarer’s features enable fast and accurate analysis of repeatable drive test scenarios.

Near-field propagation method Calculate scattering off target surfaces, including multi-path interactions with ground reflections, using ray-tracing algorithms and physics-based calculations.

Targeted ray casting Efficiently produce high-fidelity returns from a target.

Dynamic scenario Apply movement to radar sensors, target vehicles, and other scatterers.

User defined antennas Import measured or simulated radiation patterns.

Shared platform with XFdtd Integrated solution promotes productivity.

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