Current Headlines

  1. The Week In 5G: 6/15/2018 – 3GPP Approves Standalone 5G Specs, NYC Accelerates 5G Deployment, Australia Rethinks 5G Plans Involving Huawei
  2. Saelig Introduces New Rigol 7000 Series 100/500MHz 10GSa/s Oscilloscopes

    Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the Rigol DS/MSO7000 series of oscilloscopes, 4-channel advanced specification oscilloscopes with an excellent 10GSa/s real-time sample rate.

  3. Mobile Industry Works Together To Deliver Complete 5G System Standard On Time

    3GPP TSG #80 Plenary Meeting has approved the completion of the standalone (SA) Release 15 5G specifications. After the release of the 5G NR specifications for non-standalone (NSA) operation in Dec. 2017, another essential step of standardization of 5G has been successfully completed.

  4. New Indoor WLAN Positioning Method Invented By Lithuanian Scientists

    The group of scientists from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania has invented the innovative method for indoor positioning of people and things using wireless network. It localises a human being or an object within an accuracy of 1 meter, it works in any device having a Wi-Fi function, and can be applied for numerous areas of human activity – from logistics to health care.

  5. New 28-GHz Transceiver Paves The Way For Future 5G Devices

    Scientists at Tokyo Tech have designed and fabricated a tiny, but incredibly fast, reliable, and accurate 28-GHz transceiver meant for stable high-speed 5G communications. The fabricated transceiver trumps previous designs in various regards by taking a new approach for beam steering.

  6. NI And NanoSemi Collaborate On Advanced 5G Test Capability

    NI, the provider of a software-defined platform that helps accelerate the development and performance of automated test and automated measurement systems, recently announced a collaboration with NanoSemi on advanced 5G test capability.

  7. MACOM Announces New Power Detector At IMS 2018

    MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of high-performance RF, microwave, millimeterwave and photonic solutions, recently announced the immediate availability of its new MADT-011000 power detector for use in applications spanning microwave radios, test and measurement (T&M) equipment and radar systems.

  8. Rohde & Schwarz Introduces New High-Performance Oscilloscope

    Ultra fast acquisition rate of one million waveforms per second, realtime compensation of transmission losses (deembedding) between the signal source and oscilloscope, and silent operation even at full load – these are just some of the benefits of the high-performance R&S RTP oscilloscope family.

  9. Anritsu Introduces Differential Noise Figure Measurement Option For VectorStar VNAs To Address High Performance Test Requirements

    Anritsu Company introduces the industry’s first solution capable of conducting extensive characterization of the differential noise figure of differential devices used in high-speed wireless communication systems.

  10. Ultralow Jitter Clock Generation (4.5GHz) & Clock Distribution (7.5GHz) Family

    Analog Devices recently announced the LTC6952, LTC6953, LTC6955 and LTC6955-1 family of low jitter, high performance clock generation and distribution devices supporting JESD204B subclass 1 clocking applications up to 7.5GHz.