Featured Editorial

  1. Wi-Fi 6’s OFDMA Challenges Make Verification Crucial

    OFDMA – already used in 4G/LTE networks -- now is being applied to the unlicensed bands in which Wi-Fi operates, making verification of compliance to the Wi-Fi 6 standard critical.

  2. What Can mmWave Do For 5G Backhaul?

    The backhaul segment of the network is traditionally made up of the intermediate point-to-point links between the core (or backbone) network and the small subnetworks at the network edge, where the base stations are. Since 5G is aiming for multi-Gbps data rates for subscribers, all this data will need to be backhauled at much higher rates, too.

  3. Packaging For mmWave Devices — Why Do We Need It, And How Do We Do It?

    Several package types can be used at mmWave frequencies, so the choice will depend on the specific application. However, some general design rules apply to all forms of packaging.

  4. 5G Core Network – Architecture, Network Functions, and Interworking

    This article is dedicated to describing the main components of the 5G Core Network -- as defined by the 3GPP – including an overview of the architecture, a description of the key individual network functions, and an example of 5G interworking with LTE.

  5. A Look At 3GPP Rel-16: LTE and 5G-NR Enhancements

    This article discusses the ideas and enhancements currently being developed for 3GPP Release-16, with a focus on selected Rel-16 work items and study items. These enhancements cover not only 5G-NR, but also LTE, which is being advanced in parallel.

  6. Why You Should Use A Product Development Process

    Applied poorly, systems turn into bloated regulations that no one trusts or uses effectively. Applied properly, the right systems improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product development teams.

  7. Understanding 5G Millimeter Wave Beamforming Test

    This article explains beamforming in the context of 5G NR specifications, and introduces beamforming characterization and beamforming verification test.   

  8. A Fully-Integrated 3.5GHz Single Chip GaN Doherty PA For sub-6GHz 5G

    This article describes an S-band, packaged Doherty PA MMIC for use in 5G base station transmitter applications. The design, simulation, assembly, and subsequent measurement of the power amplifier IC are described.

  9. System-Level LO Phase Noise Model For Phased Arrays With Distributed Phase-Locked Loops

    By building upon known phase-locked loop modeling methods, and an assessment of correlated vs. uncorrelated contributors, an approach to track distributed PLL contributions across frequency offsets is presented.

  10. Power Amplifier MMICs For mmWave 5G

    This article looks at the semiconductor process and SMT packaging options for the realisation of power amplifier (PA) integrated circuits (ICs) operating at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies. It also presents examples of 5G mmWave SMT packaged PA designs.