Test And Measurement News

  1. Anritsu Introduces BBU Emulation Capability for LTE RRHs

    Anritsu Company expands its industry leading CPRI test portfolio with the introduction of a BBU Emulation capability for its BTS Master MT8220T that saves significant time and cost when verifying LTE cell site operation.

  2. Anritsu Introduces Comprehensive Front Haul Solution For RF And Fiber Tests

    Anritsu Company has leveraged its industry leading fiber and RF testing capability to develop the industry’s fastest comprehensive front haul test solution that more efficiently ensures the proper installation and operation of high-speed LTE networks.

  3. Anritsu Introduces Its Latest Site Master Analyzer

    Anritsu Company introduces the ultraportable Site Master S331P, the lightest, smallest, fastest and most cost-efficient Site Master field cable and antenna analyzer ever developed.

  4. Anritsu Introduces Test Sequence Application For Connected Car Designs

    Anritsu Company introduces Cellular Module Test Application (CMTA) software for its Signaling Testers MD8475A/B which provides test cases to dramatically simplify testing chipsets and automotive-related telematics modules used in connected car designs and implementation.

  5. Anritsu Introduces First All-In-One Base Station Simulator That Supports 4CC CA And 2x2 MIMO

    Anritsu Company introduces the Signaling Tester MD8475B, the world’s first all-in-one test solution supporting up to four component carrier aggregation (4CC CA) and 2x2 MIMO in a single test box.

  6. Anritsu Introduces Three New Signal Analyzers To Address Middle Frequency Ranges

    Anritsu Company expands its Signal Analyzer MS2840A family with the introduction of three models that support the 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz, 6 GHz, and 26.5 GHz frequencies.

  7. Anritsu Company Signaling Tester MD8475A Supports eCall Conformance Test Cases

    Anritsu Company announces its Signaling Tester MD8475A now supports 98% of conformance test cases (defined as EN16454) for emergency call (eCall) communications modules, expanding the company’s test solution portfolio for connected car designs.

  8. Anritsu Introduces MS27100A Spectrum Monitoring Module

    Anritsu Company, the industry leader in field spectrum analysis tools, introduces the MS27100A Spectrum Monitoring Module that brings Anritsu’s field-proven, industry leading RF spectrum analysis technology to OEM applications.

  9. Anritsu Enhances Options For VectorStar and ShockLine VNAs

    Anritsu Company continues to address the test needs of signal integrity (SI) engineers with the introduction of options for its VectorStar and ShockLine vector network analyzers (VNAs).

  10. Anritsu Introduces MS27101A Remote Spectrum Monitor

    Anritsu Company has introduced the MS27101A Remote Spectrum Monitor. The MS27101A can be used with Anritsu’s Vision software to create a highly accurate remote solution to identify interference patterns, record spectrum history and geo-locate the sources of problem signals to mitigate interference issues and identify illegal or unlicensed signal activity.