E-Band Diplexer E-Band Diplexer

Traditional 6 to 42 GHz microwave bands are becoming crowded with rapidly growing mobile backhaul data streams. MtronPTI’s E-Band Microwave Diplexer enables gigabit-per-second data rates in backhaul, data consolidation and enterprise direct connect applications.

Multilayer Diplexer (DPX205950DT-9008A1)
Multilayer Diplexer (DPX205950DT-9008A1)by Digi-Key.
3KCZ70-80/X3170 - Surface Mount Terminated Diplexer 3KCZ70-80/X3170 - Surface Mount Terminated Diplexer
Features: Low Profile, Surface Mountable, Withstands Reflow Temperatures
RF Diplexers
The electronics industry is truly dynamic. Digi-Key represents one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors within that marketplace. The company's remarkable sales growth and its ability to consistently out perform the industry is the best evidence of Digi-Key's superior service.
Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173 Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173
Anatech provides ceramic and cavity filters for INMARSAT communication applications
Filters, Diplexers, And Multiplexers Filters, Diplexers, And Multiplexers
Continental Microwave offers a comprehensive line of filters, diplexers and multiplexers from 400 MHz to 50 GHz. A broad range of custom waveguide and coaxial designs are available offering extreme temperature stability and low insertion loss for data links, military satellite communications, missiles and radar applications
CDMA 450 Cavity Duplexer -- CD7004 CDMA 450 Cavity Duplexer -- CD7004
Anatech would like to introduce their products used for wireless communication and to increase frequency in radio communication. CD7004 is a High Performance Cavity Duplexer with Band 1 at 450-454.8 MHz, Band 2 at 460-464.8 MHz, Insertion loss of 1.5dB max, and rejection of > 85dB in Band 2 and >95dB in Band 1. This Duplexer is built in a package size of 287 x 226 x 65 mm, and is used in CDMA 450 Base stations.
Multilayer Diplexer (DPX202170DT-4021A1)
Multilayer Diplexer (DPX202170DT-4021A1) by Digi-Key.
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