WiMAX/WiFi Low Cost Diplexer WiMAX/WiFi Low Cost Diplexer
Microlab/FXR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., provides a low cost Diplexer, to separate or combine all the cellular wireless frequency bands from the WiMAX and WiFi bands above 3 GHz.
High Power LC Diplexer Assembly High Power LC Diplexer Assembly

MtronPTI offers the new high power LC diplexer assembly for a variety of applications, including avionics, electronic warfare, space, and satellite communications. With high power, better isolation/RF shielding, and low insertion loss, these diplexers reduce the overall mechanical footprint, and improved electrical performance and power handling.

Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173 Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173
Anatech provides ceramic and cavity filters for INMARSAT communication applications
1905 To 1910/1985 To 1990 MHz Cavity Duplexer -- CD7029 1905 To 1910/1985 To 1990 MHz Cavity Duplexer -- CD7029
Our 1905-1910/1985-1900 MHz Cavity Duplexer covering a 10 MHz Bandwidth in the PCS bands provides a low insertion loss of 1.4dB max, and isolation of 30dB min. The Duplexer is typically used in PCS base stations, sub-systems, and can be tuned to different center frequencies within the PCS band.
CDMA 450 Cavity Duplexer -- CD7004 CDMA 450 Cavity Duplexer -- CD7004
Anatech would like to introduce their products used for wireless communication and to increase frequency in radio communication. CD7004 is a High Performance Cavity Duplexer with Band 1 at 450-454.8 MHz, Band 2 at 460-464.8 MHz, Insertion loss of 1.5dB max, and rejection of > 85dB in Band 2 and >95dB in Band 1. This Duplexer is built in a package size of 287 x 226 x 65 mm, and is used in CDMA 450 Base stations.
Ku‐Band 50W Diplexer: UFDX9999 Ku‐Band 50W Diplexer: UFDX9999

MtronPTI provides the UFDX9999 Ku Band high power diplexers incorporating highly selective high power handling bandpass filters for simultaneous transmit and receive operation with outstanding isolation between uplink and downlink feeds. They are ideally used for satcom and electronic warfare applications.

AMPS Band Isolation Duplexer AMPS Band Isolation Duplexer
Narda West’s AMPS Band High Isolation Duplexer provides highly selective receive/transmit combining
Diplexer (R975ACITN-1029B)
Diplexer (R975ACITN-1029B)
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