RF Test And Measurement Resource Center


  • The Impact Of Return Loss On Base Station Coverage In Mobile Networks

    In many cases of designing and building cellular infrastructure, there are variables that the installers are and are not able to control. Important variables that are controllable are the losses in the cable feed system due to reflections and absorption. This white paper focuses on the system losses due to reflections, which can be measured using a cable and an antenna analyzer such as the Anritsu Site Master.

  • Benchmark Simulations Of Waveguide Components

    There is a driving need for more accurate and compact waveguide components at higher frequencies, while maintaining cost-effective solutions. This application note presents a handful of benchmark simulations of waveguide components performed with FEKO.

  • Making EMI Compliance Measurements

    Electrical or electronic equipment that uses the public power grid or has potential for electromagnetic emissions must pass EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements. These requirements fall into four broad types of testing: radiated and conducted emissions testing, and radiated and conducted immunity testing. Conducted emissions testing focuses on signals present on the AC mains that are generated by the equipment under test (EUT). This application note introduces the basics of EMI compliance measurements, as well as the measurement process and regulations.

  • Basic Bulk Current Injection Testing

    Bulk current injection (BCI) testing is a conducted susceptibility procedure that uses an injection current probe. This paper provides an example of BCI testing, covering all steps, including gathering the required equipment, pre-calibration procedures, injection testing procedures, and safety precautions.

  • Noise And Noise Figure: Improving And Simplifying Measurements

    As noise and noise figure measurements have become increasingly complex, signal analyzers have evolved to support easy-to-use measurement applications that help reduce complexity while instilling confidence that the results are accurate. This application note presents a number of ideas to help improve noise figure and noise figure measurements using a compact system based on a Keysight X-Series signal analyzer, an internal or external preamplifier, and an external noise source.


Dow-Key provides electro-mechanical switch matrices in an array of configurations

The 7700 is a bench-sized integrated microwave test system designed to reduce production costs by eliminating the need for multiple test instruments, ATE development cost, and ongoing maintenance. This one system provides the functionality and measurement capabilities of a vector signal generator, spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer, oscilloscope, power meter, frequency counter, noise figure meter, and a phase noise analyzer.

The GALILEO-EMT toolkit is a part of the IDS GALILEO SUITE and is designed to cover the gap between an efficient Maxwell equations solver and a professional tool for challenging real life industrial problems. 

Signal Hound offers the new SM200B real-time spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver for tuning applications from 100 kHz to 20 GHz. This analyzer features 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, 110 dB of dynamic range, 1THz/sec sweep speed at 30kHz RBW, and phase noise performance that is low enough to contribute less than 0.1% error to EVM measurements and rival even the most expensive spectrum analyzers on the market.

Available in Q4 2019.

Design engineers are constantly trying to minimize space in creating smaller more efficient products.  Corry Micronics’ new Micro Spanner EMI Filter matches the smallest size chassis-mounted feedthrough the industry has ever seen.  The FT40 spanner bushing filter offers a miniature diameter of 0.071”and is the optimal form factor for designs that demand efficiency in a compact footprint.  Corry’s Micro Spanner is offered in a “C” filter configuration and provides capacitance from 10 pF to 5000 pF. 

The ML2487B Wideband Peak Power Meter provides accurate peak power measurement for communications, wireless, and aerospace applications. For the design and implementation of wireless networks, they address the important issues of power control, peak power, and timing.

This signal source analyzer is an all-in-one compact system that conducts measurements down to -180 dBc/Hz. It covers the 2 Mhz to 26 GHz frequency range and has a 50 MHz offset.

This high-fidelity, dual-channel RF record and playback system features the widest bandwidth of any portable system of its kind and up to 165MHz of record and playback bandwidth per channel, making it capable of taking on recording applications from HF to mmwave in mission-critical systems.