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  • Understanding Power Divider/Combiner Types And Functionality

    Both resistive type and reactive type power divider/combiners can be used to fan-in or fan-out RF signals. However, both types distribute RF signals in a different fashion. This white paper offers guidelines and considerations for determining a divider/combiner for each application.

  • Determining Integrated-Phase-Deviation In Phase-Noise Measurements
    Determining Integrated-Phase-Deviation In Phase-Noise Measurements

    Many spectrum analyzers can detect phase noise levels automatically, making phase noise measurements a task without much thought. This paper discusses key aspects in determining phase noise measurements, and presents formulas and examples that may be used for simplifying measurements.

  • Testing Hopping Radios With Confidence
    Testing Hopping Radios With Confidence

    Tactical radios typically use frequency hopping in order to minimize interference and jamming threats. However, when a frequency hopping technique is applied, the radio may interfere with adjacent signal bands or inband communications technologies. This application note explains the benefits of using a Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyzer (with realtime option) to enable wideband signal analysis and high probability of intercept in the testing of radios in a frequency hopping mode.

  • Practical eNodeB Transmitter Measurements for LTE and TD-LTE Systems Using MIMO
    Practical eNodeB Transmitter Measurements for LTE and TD-LTE Systems Using MIMO

    This application note explains how to troubleshoot an eNodeB using a spectrum analyzer with LTE over-the-air (OTA) measurements.

  • Satellite Payload Pre-Launch Testing

    At the beginning of 2015, around 1,200 satellites were fully operational in orbit around the planet, half of which were communication satellites. This number of satellites is expected to expand at a progressive rate within the next years. To have success in developing satellite projects, reliable testing needs to be done at each stage. This application note focuses on RF component and module testing of satellite communication payloads using R&S instruments at pre-launch levels.

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Bolt-In RFI Filters Bolt-In RFI Filters

These resin sealed filters are manufactured for installation into a threaded or thru-hole application. Filters are available in "C", "L" and "Pi" configurations and are available in various capacitances, voltages and sizes ranging from 2-56 to 1/4-28...

Digital Oscilloscope: R&S®RTE Digital Oscilloscope: R&S®RTE

The RTE series of digital oscilloscopes can be used in embedded design development, for general debugging purposes, and for power electronics analysis. Several different models are available with variations in bandwidth and number of channels.

1 To 18 GHz Fan-Out CANbus-Based Switch Matrix with Ethernet Interface 1 To 18 GHz Fan-Out CANbus-Based Switch Matrix with Ethernet Interface
Dow-Key Microwave’s CANbus-based Coaxial Switch Matrix System with Ethernet control interface, performs from 1 to 18 GHz and is configured as an 8X8 full fan-out Switch Matrix
Matrix Switch System Matrix Switch System
CrossPoint Technologie's MS-4001-32X32-HF-HIA is a Switch Matrix System covering the HF frequency band of 1.5 – 32 MHz. This system provides 32 X 32 non-blocking switching and distribution where any of the 32 inputs can be routed to one or all 32 outputs simultaneously...
Dual-Band RF Synthesizer
The Si4133G Dual-Band RF synthesizer is a fast settling integer-N synthesizer
Narda's NBM-520 Meter Narda's NBM-520 Meter
Narda's NBM-520 meter has just been updated for users with NBM series of probes. This innovative meter can be operated with standard NBM probes as a stand-alone survey system, or it can be used with the NBM-550 and fiber optic cables to perform some of the most demanding surveys imagineable. New for 2008 is a fiber optic to USB converter for reading data remotely on your PC!
EMI and RFI Design Consulting

Corry Micronics' skilled Design Engineers, with many years of industry experience, are available for consultation whenever you experience any EMI / RFI issues...

Selective Radiation Meter: SRM 3006 Selective Radiation Meter: SRM 3006

The SRM-3006 selective radiation meter is Narda’s second generation, hand-held system for performing narrowband analysis of electromagnetic fields. Unlike a broadband meter, the SRM-3006 has the capability to provide results of individual emitters in an antenna field and also generate a total of all emitters.

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