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  • Spectrum View: A New Approach To Frequency Domain Analysis On Oscilloscopes
    Spectrum View: A New Approach To Frequency Domain Analysis On Oscilloscopes

    Spectrum View is a new tool for performing spectrum analysis on an oscilloscope. This application note demonstrates how Spectrum View operates and how it differs from traditional oscilloscope FFT functions.

  • 3 Series MDO Spectrum Analyzer Vs. Oscilloscope FFT Comparison
    3 Series MDO Spectrum Analyzer Vs. Oscilloscope FFT Comparison

    Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes have built-in spectrum analyzers with an RF input that is ideal for significantly higher dynamic ranges than an oscilloscope using a regular input and an FFT function. This download compares the performance of the 3 Series MDO's built-in spectrum analyzer to common oscilloscope FFT performance.

  • Mastering Phase Noise Measurements: Part 2
    Mastering Phase Noise Measurements: Part 2

    No matter your level of knowledge, it is important to understand phase noise basics and to learn new measurement techniques for improving designs. This application note is the second in a series on mastering phase noise measurements. Download the full article for information on the different phase noise techniques and their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Conducted And Over The Air Antenna Array Testing – The Way To 5G

    5G networks need to be designed to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering overall systems operation expenses. This paper discusses various test solutions that can address current and future requirements for antenna verification, including conducted and over-the-air test methods.

  • Frequency And Phase Settling Time Measurements On PLL Circuits

    Frequency hopping is one of the most common methods to avoid interference and to increase security. This application note provides basic information about frequency and phase settling time measurements and how the measurement is implemented inside modern phase noise analyzers, complete with measurement examples and explanations.

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800 To 2500 MHz Fan-Out CANbus-Based Switch Matrix With Ethernet Interface 800 To 2500 MHz Fan-Out CANbus-Based Switch Matrix With Ethernet Interface
Dow-Key Microwave’s Solid Switch Matrix with Ethernet control interface, performs from 800 to 2500 MHz and is available in full fan-out configurations from 6X6 to 12X12
Hi-Rel Frequency Synthesizer: THOR-8000-XA Hi-Rel Frequency Synthesizer: THOR-8000-XA

EM Research’s THOR-8000-XA is a hi-rel frequency synthesizer covering the 6250 to 8000 MHz frequency range. It has a step size of 500 KHz, a less than 300µSEC (BE to BE) switching speed, low phase noise (<-95 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz), and a rugged and compact package design (2.5” x 1.1” x 0.4”).

2500 Series Fast Switching Frequency Synthesizer 2500 Series Fast Switching Frequency Synthesizer
The 2500 Series represents Aeroflex’s highest performance synthesizers and exemplifies cutting edge performance. The 2500 Series synthesizers are faster, cleaner, smaller and more rugged than their predecessor, the FS5000, and also have improved — the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)- exceeds 16,000 hours.
Statistical Power Sensor: 7022 Statistical Power Sensor: 7022

A signal’s average power isn’t a sufficient enough control variable for modern day communications. It’s still an important parameter, but today’s signals typically require more diagnostic measurements. Bird’s 7022 is a statistical power sensor that uses statistical sampling techniques to measure the percentage of time the signal exists at a specific peak-to-average ratio.

USB Power Sensor Family USB Power Sensor Family

Anritsu USB power sensors eliminate the need for a traditional power meter. These highly accurate, standalone instruments communicate with a PC via USB or with most of the Anritsu handheld instruments (often requiring Option 19). The sensors measure true RMS power, so they are ideal for measuring CW, modulated RF waveforms (e.g. 3G, 4G and OFDM signals) and multi-tone signals. They are ruggedized for field use with an industry-leading +33 dBm damage level. 

Pentek Talon® High-Speed Recording Systems Pentek Talon® High-Speed Recording Systems

Pentek offers Talon® High-Speed Recording Systems designed to eliminate the time and risk associated with new technology system development. With increasing pressure in both the defense and commercial arenas to get to the market first, today’s system engineers are looking for more complete off-the-shelf system offerings. Out of the box, these systems arrive complete with a full-featured virtual operator control panel ready for immediate data recording and/or playback operation.

Vector Network Analyzers: MS4640B Series Vector Network Analyzers: MS4640B Series

Anritsu offers the ability make VNA measurements of devices under test (DUTs) stimulated with wideband modulated signals.  Utilizing the high speed IF digitizer option available in the VectorStar® series of VNAs, measurements can be made with up to 200 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth in the receiver. Universal Fixture Extraction (UFX) software option provides advanced de-embedding tools for test fixture extraction.

Octane Elite EDS System Octane Elite EDS System

The Octane Elite EDS System from EDAX Inc. incorporates a silicon nitride (Si3N4) window to provide low energy sensitivity for light element detection and low kV microanalysis. The system uses state of the art electronics designed to yield high speed X-ray data processing within a smaller and fully vacuum encapsulated detector device.

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