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  • Addressing Phase Noise Challenges In Radar And Communication Systems
    Addressing Phase Noise Challenges In Radar And Communication Systems

    The most critical parameter in defining target acquisition for radar and spectral integrity in communication systems is phase noise. This application note discusses the importance of phase noise, and what can be done to lessen its effects in microwave systems.

  • Pulsed RF Spectrum And Signal Analysis

    The spectrum analyzer is used for the measurement of many characteristics of pulsed radar signals, including pulse width, occupied bandwidth, duty cycle, and peak average power. These devices are also capable of detection transmitter misfiring and frequency pulling effects. This white paper will discuss the operation of spectrum and signal analyzers, as well as explain the correct interpretations of their displayed pulse spectra.

  • TETRA Measurements

    TETRA, the TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, is the professional mobile radio standard (PMR) used worldwide by governmental safety and security authorities and organizations, as well as by private utilities from energy suppliers through to transport. This article shows examples for measurements with Rohde & Schwarz instruments covering the entire range of TETRA test requirements.

  • Frequency And Phase Settling Time Measurements On PLL Circuits

    Frequency hopping is one of the most common methods to avoid interference and to increase security. This application note provides basic information about frequency and phase settling time measurements and how the measurement is implemented inside modern phase noise analyzers, complete with measurement examples and explanations.

  • Using Enhanced Load-Pull Measurements For Base Station Power Amplifier Designs

    The concept of load-pull simulation is where a load or source impedance is swept by an active device and its performance is measured. Recently, advancements have been made to data file formats by load-pull measurement system vendors to expand the usefulness of load-pull characterization. These new file formats support a sweep of an independent variable such as input power, DC bias, temperature, or tone spacing, in addition to the swept source or load impedance. The NI AWR Design Environment™ software enables designers to import and manipulate these load pull data sets in a circuit simulator which greatly simplifies and speeds the design process, and gives them a broader design space to explore. This white paper covers in-depth information on how to use enhanced load-pull measurements for base station power amplifier designs.

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Wideband Signal Record And Playback System: IQC91000A Wideband Signal Record And Playback System: IQC91000A

Bird offers the new IQC91000A Record and Playback System designed for recording modern waveforms for demanding mission requirements in electronic defense systems, and isolating anomalies that occur during system integration and real-world validation testing. The IQC91000A continuously records 90 minutes of 1000 MHz waveforms with its 12 bit fidelity, ensuring the capture of transient and unexpected events.

6 GHz Signal Generator: Model 835-6 6 GHz Signal Generator: Model 835-6

This low-noise and fast-switching analog signal generator covers the 9 kHz to 6.1 GHz frequency range and is ideal for applications involving EMC/EMI testing, R&D labs, and installation and maintenance.

Synthesized Signal Generators:  4 GHz To 20 GHz Synthesized Signal Generators: 4 GHz To 20 GHz
The Lab Brick LMS Signal Generator series of USB-compatible synthesized signal generators cover the X-band frequency from 4 GHz to 20 GHz with low phase noise, fast 100 microsecond switching time, and fine 100 Hz frequency resolution. They require no additional DC supply voltage and offer advanced features such as phase continuous linear frequency sweeping, internal/external 10 MHz reference, and optional pulse modulation. GUI software can track and control several connected signal generators, simplifying multiple-signal test setups. Each device stores settings in internal memory, allowing it to power up in a specific instrument state.
Fractional RF Synthesizers
Two new frequency synthesizers designed for next-generation wireless phone, satellite, two-way paging, two-way radio and wireless local-area network...
SGA Signal Generator With Touch Screen SGA Signal Generator With Touch Screen
The S-Series SGA Signal Generator offers simplicity, portability, modularity, and RF performance at an attractive price. Aeroflex’s reputation for innovation in signal generators has been reaffirmed in the S-Series. The signal generators have been designed from the ground up to meet the expectations of today’s engineers for instant answers at the touch of a screen. Buttons, rotary controls, and deeply nested software menus have all been removed.
ML2488B: Wideband Peak Power Meter ML2488B: Wideband Peak Power Meter

The ML2488B Wideband Peak Power Meter provides accurate peak power measurement for communications, wireless, and aerospace applications. For the design and implementation of wireless networks, they address the important issues of power control, peak power, and timing.

NEW: Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources: XMN & XMNP Series NEW: Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources: XMN & XMNP Series

This series of ultra-low noise signal sources features exceptionally low phase noise, supplementary output at oscillator frequency, and a wide range of output frequencies and multiplication ratios. They provide a range of high-performance building blocks between 200 MHz and 3 GHz.

Broadband Matrix Switch: 20-3000 MHz Broadband Matrix Switch: 20-3000 MHz

The MAS4488 is a broadband matrix switch with an 8 input, 8 output, non-blocking configuration. The system itself is comprised of a processor board, an 8x8 matrix, a LAN interface, a redundant power supply, and manual control.

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