Millimeter Wave Hybrid Tees and Tuners: EHT/HBT Series Millimeter Wave Hybrid Tees and Tuners: EHT/HBT Series

Millitech’s line of millimeter wave Hybrid Tees and E- and H- Plane Tuners are ideal for applications involving test and instrumentation, power division/combining, and impedance matching. They operate in the 26.5 to 220 GHz frequency range, are convenient to use, and feature low insertion loss.

USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™
Maury Microwave's HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ typically achieve a VSWR of 200:1 (100:1 minimum), making them ideal automated tuners for high-power and on-wafer GSM applications...
Automated Tuner Systems (ATS) Automated Tuner Systems (ATS)
The Maury Automated Tuner System (ATS) is one of a number of RF device characterization solutions that we currently offer to the RF and microwave design and manufacturing industry.
LXI™ Millimeter-Wave Automated Tuners Series LXI™ Millimeter-Wave Automated Tuners Series

Maury Microwave offers a series of LXI™-certified millimeter-wave automated impedance tuners designed with onboard microprocessor and memory for varying the impedances presented to a device under test (DUT). These pre-calibrated, high-repeatability, high- accuracy tuners are able to calculate the probe positions required to present an arbitrary load impedance.

AM/FM Tuner (TDA7511) AM/FM Tuner (TDA7511)
The TDA 7511 is a high performance tuner circuit for AM/FM car radio. It contains mixers, IF amplifiers, demodulators for AM and FM, quality detection, ISS filter and PLL synthesizer with IF counter on a single chip.
TU-6401: Low-Power SIGINT Microwave Tuner TU-6401: Low-Power SIGINT Microwave Tuner
M/A-COM Technology Solutions offers the M/A-COM TU-6401, a new lightweight low-power SIGINT microwave tuner designed for signal search and collection applications
Microwave VME/VXS Tuner: SRX-00140-VME Microwave VME/VXS Tuner: SRX-00140-VME

The Microwave VME/VXS Tuner by Hunter Technology is the industry’s smallest available microwave SIGINT VME tuner. It covers the 500 MHz-20.0 GHz and 30.0 GHz to 40.0 GHz frequency ranges and features incredibly fast tuning, low phase noise, excellent mechanical conductivity, a single slot 6U VME configuration, and much more.

Wideband Miniature Digital Tuner: AM9001A Wideband Miniature Digital Tuner: AM9001A

Atlanta Micro’s AM9001A is a fully integrated, high dynamic range miniature digital tuner covering the 2 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range with an 80-MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

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