Microwave VME/VXS Tuner: SRX-00140-VME Microwave VME/VXS Tuner: SRX-00140-VME

The Microwave VME/VXS Tuner by Hunter Technology is the industry’s smallest available microwave SIGINT VME tuner. It covers the 500 MHz-20.0 GHz and 30.0 GHz to 40.0 GHz frequency ranges and features incredibly fast tuning, low phase noise, excellent mechanical conductivity, a single slot 6U VME configuration, and much more.

AM/FM Tuner (TDA7511) AM/FM Tuner (TDA7511)
The TDA 7511 is a high performance tuner circuit for AM/FM car radio. It contains mixers, IF amplifiers, demodulators for AM and FM, quality detection, ISS filter and PLL synthesizer with IF counter on a single chip.
Manual Tuners Manual Tuners
Manual tuners are used both in the laboratory and as system components to establish or transform impedances for a number of applications.
Millimeter Wave Hybrid Tees and Tuners: EHT/HBT Series Millimeter Wave Hybrid Tees and Tuners: EHT/HBT Series

Millitech’s line of millimeter wave Hybrid Tees and E- and H- Plane Tuners are ideal for applications involving test and instrumentation, power division/combining, and impedance matching. They operate in the 26.5 to 220 GHz frequency range, are convenient to use, and feature low insertion loss.

Automated Tuner Systems (ATS) Automated Tuner Systems (ATS)
The Maury Automated Tuner System (ATS) is one of a number of RF device characterization solutions that we currently offer to the RF and microwave design and manufacturing industry.
USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™
Maury Microwave's HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ typically achieve a VSWR of 200:1 (100:1 minimum), making them ideal automated tuners for high-power and on-wafer GSM applications...
Wideband Miniature Digital Tuner: AM9001A Wideband Miniature Digital Tuner: AM9001A

Atlanta Micro’s AM9001A is a fully integrated, high dynamic range miniature digital tuner covering the 2 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range with an 80-MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

TU-6401: Low-Power SIGINT Microwave Tuner TU-6401: Low-Power SIGINT Microwave Tuner
M/A-COM Technology Solutions offers the M/A-COM TU-6401, a new lightweight low-power SIGINT microwave tuner designed for signal search and collection applications
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